How to Choose a Dance School

Parents have so many choices these days.  Sometimes the simplest choice is not necessarily the best.  So how do you choose? What questions should you ask? And when you ask the right questions, what answers should you be looking for? Many parents choose dance schools based on location or class time availability. Our suggestion is that you take the time to look into the following areas. 

1. Check the background and qualifications of the directors and instructors.

It's always important to make sure that your child's instructors are qualified, especially where dance training is concerned. Ballet and dance instructors are not licensed in this country - anyone can claim to be able to teach your child to dance! Ask for information on the instructor's background - read their resumes (there's no replacing experience) - and most importantly observe them teaching a class. Remember also that just because an instructor has a great talent for dancing does not ensure that they possess the gifts necessary to teach and inspire.  Be careful to notice who the school has chosen to teach the lower levels.  Are the teachers experienced and qualified?  These are the most important and formative years in a young dancer's life.


2. Visit the studio.

In addition to all of the things you would normally look for such as a clean, safe location with ease of drop off and pick up, ample parking, etc., check to make sure the studios have barres and mirrors. And most importantly, look at the floor! Dance should not be taught on surfaces such as concrete. Jumping on a floor that has no "give" to it can lead to shin splints, knee injuries, and other problems. Our floors are state of the art dance floors designed to give the proper amount of "cushion" that dancers need.  Also notice the class size.  In order to ensure that our students receive the best instruction possible, our studio limits all of our ballet classes (ages 7 and up) to a maximum of 25 students per class.  With our "preschool dance" classes (ages 3-6) we limit all of our classes to between 7 -12 students per class depending on the age group.   But most importantly, observe the class itself. Do you like what you see?  Nothing can replace a good instructor and the relationship that they have with their students.  We love to have prospective students and their parents visit us.  You are always welcome!



3. Ask about the Annual Performance.

Performing is important!  It gives a young dancer valuable stage experience, as well as the opportunity to use what they've learned during the year.   We have a Spring performance, Surealia, as well as The Nutcracker in December. Unlike some studios that have a performance and/or costume fee included in their tuition, ours are paid separately.  This gives each dancer the choice of whether or not to participate.  With most levels, our performance pieces are rehearsed separately from our classes, which means an added time commitment from our students and their families - but it's well worth it! 

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