For complete policies, tuition rates and other important registration information, please visit our DOWNLOADS PAGE.  There you will find our current sessions Class Brochure, Registration Form and Academy Handbook.


Students can register in person at our studio, or online at www.studioroxander.com.  Our website provides all the necessary forms as well as online access.  


We accept new enrollment throughout the year, provided that space is available in the class(es) requested.  New students with previous training will be scheduled for a placement class for the purpose of evaluation by the staff.  

Specific information for our various programs is listed below:

CHILDREN'S INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM:  Class placement is based on age, however, instructors may choose to keep a dancer in a level or move them ahead depending on the child. (ages 2-8). 7-year-olds with little to no experience should do Pre-Ballet rather than Ballet 1A. 

BALLET PROGRAM:  Previous experience and/or a placement class is required for enrollment in this program.  Placement in this Program is based solely on ability and not by age.  Please contact the office to discuss class options and to arrange for a placement class. Additional classes offered through the year are pointe, variation, repertoire, pas de deux, musical theatre/jazz, character dance, contemporary, boys/mens class, stretch/strength, and flexibility. Some classes are only offered during the Summer Intensive.

ADULT BALLET,:  We offer mixed-level classes for adults and teens in Ballet, as well as an Introduction (Beginning) ballet class.