How Can Dance Benefit My Child

Becoming an artist, involves more than talent, desire and discipline. These are the tools which one uses to build on their technique. They remain only that unless there is a structure, and that cannot be accomplished without a solid foundation – technique and training.  If you are looking for a dance academy for your child where do you start?  Even if neither the child nor the parents foresee dance or theatre arts as a profession but are simply looking for an extracurricular activity, their choices need to be informed ones.

Our philosophy is to demand from each student, whether or not a career in dance is desired, their very best effort and in return to provide them with the care and attention that each of them deserves. We strongly believe that everyone’s life will be enriched by an education in dance.  Dance is unique in its fusion of musicality, athleticism and performance expression.  Our wish is that our family oriented, positive environment helps to build self-esteem and an enriched appreciation for dance and the arts.

We believe that every child has a “dancer” inside of them.   Expression through movement is something that we all innately recognize and resonate with, whether we study dance or not.  All children - both girls and boys – begin responding to music and rhythm, and expressing themselves through movement at a very young age.  Some even before they can walk or talk!  Dance is as natural as breathing, eating, speaking.